The easiest way is to install using the Anaconda Python environment Anaconda environment.


After installing the Python 3 version of Anaconda, open the Anaconda prompt (Start menu - Anaconda3) and run:

$ pip install fpd_live_imaging

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Open the Anaconda prompt and run:

$ pip install fpd_live_imaging

Next step: Tutorial.

Linux, with system packages

In Linux the library can be installed from PyPI directly:

$ pip install fpd_live_imaging

Continue with the Tutorial.

Installing without internet

Download the Anaconda Python 3 package Anaconda environment. Grab the Conda package Conda package of fpd_live_imaging.

Install Anaconda, then via the Anaconda Prompt (Win7: Anaconda3/Anaconda Prompt

$ conda install fpd_live_imaging-linux64.tar.bz2

There are several Conda packages:

Release Linux 64-bit

Release Windows 64-bit

These packages are made from the current development (master) branch, so they might not work properly.

Development Linux 64-bit

Development Windows 64-bit